Success Story: Turning Life Around for Member with Bipolar Disorder and ESRD

For over 20 years, Passport member Sasha* has struggled to live a healthy, high-quality life since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). She has also been involuntarily hospitalized multiple times over the years.

Recently, after the police were called many times to her house, Sasha was hospitalized at a local facility. She refused to take her medicine while hospitalized, which spiraled her even further into becoming paranoid and manic.

A Passport RN Care Advisor compassionately helped her get back on track. Together, once she was released from the hospital, they formed a plan for Sasha to take her medicine daily and to talk with her doctor if she had any concerns, instead of just stopping the medications.

They also worked on improving her hygiene – taking a bath was a big step for her.  Sasha worked at finding hobbies, family support, and church support to help her stay focused and to have a good support system.

Sasha also started dialysis during this time, and struggled with pain from surgery at times and the port access not working. Our RN encouraged her to work with providers and voice her concerns to best improve her health and safety.

Throughout the duration of the program, Sasha was able to take medications daily, attend appointments, and work collaboratively with her providers, Behavioral Health team, and Complex Care program.  She was able to avoid any unplanned hospitalizations and further medical expenses. Sasha was very appreciative of the support she received.