Success Story: Support throughout high risk pregnancy results in healthy baby girl

When Passport member Lisa* first spoke with a Passport RN Care Advisor, she was pregnant with her second child, had been referred as high risk by her OB, and was completely terrified. Her first child had resulted in a tragic 20 week delivery and fetal demise, and she feared the same happening with her second pregnancy.

Lisa and our RN connected in Lisa’s first trimester and maintained regular contact throughout her entire pregnancy.  Our RN educated Lisa on the signs and symptoms she should be aware of and when report to her OB. Our RN also helped Lisa gain approval for Makena, a prescription which helps avoid preterm delivery.

Thanks to our RN’s ongoing support, Lisa foll​​​owed the recommended plan of care with weekly injections of Makena. She was induced and delivered a healthy baby girl at 39.1 weeks vaginally. Although there were some preeclamptic complications, the baby girl is doing well and thriving.​”This member was focused and determined to have a healthy full term infant,” says Passport’s RN Care Advisor.  “She connected with a high risk OB in her first trimester and never missed an appointment to my knowledge. She was always engaging/willing and did all that she could for the outcome!”

*Member name changed for privacy.​