Success Story: Relieving Fears for Member with Chronic Illness

One of our Care Connectors recently took a call from an elderly Passport member Patricia*, who had questions about the gift cards she could earn for the medical services she had received.

During their conversation, Patricia made a point to let our CC know that when she was first diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure), she was very afraid and depressed; not knowing what she was going to do. A Passport Case Manager talked with her about the illness and what she could do to improve her condition.

Patricia stated that as of today, she is still following the expert advice that she received from CM and is in much better health. The materials we sent totally helped calm her fears as well. Patricia has also been excited to receive the incentive gift cards she’s eligible for. She stated she is extremely satisfied with the services she receives from Passport and said she is never going anywhere else!

“I just wanted to pass the information along and thank everyone at Passport for every part they play in helping the members receive a higher standard of healthcare and having the opportunity to improve the members overall state of well-being,” says our Care Connector. “That’s what Passport associates accomplish when we all work together to meet the needs of our members. Thank You Passport from our member, Patricia!”

*Member name changed for privacy.