Smokers Using E-Cigarettes Actually Less Likely to Quit Smoking

According to a new study published online in the American Journal of Public Health, people who use e-cigarettes are actually less likely to quit smoking than those who do not, prompting many more questions about whether these products actually help people quit smoking. “Based on the idea that smokers use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, we hypothesized that smokers who used these products would be more successful in quitting,” said Wael Al-Delaimy, professor and chief of the Division of Global Public Health in University of California-San Diego’s Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, which conducted the study. But this hypothesis is false, meaning that more studies are required to find out why these people can’t stop smoking and using other tobacco products.

According to a Kentucky Health Issues Poll ,24 percent of Kentucky adults and 41 percent of residents aged 18 to 29 reported using e-cigarettes.

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