Child Abuse continues to wreak havoc with more than 40,000 cases per year in Kentucky and Indiana

Insider Louisville LogoEach year, there are more than 40,000 cases of child abuse in Kentucky and Indiana, resulting in dozens of deaths each year.

In April, during national Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) Kentucky organization is getting its message out through community events and social media.

“We know child abuse can be prevented, and we know how to do it, but we cannot do it alone. We know we are making progress. Not necessarily because the numbers are decreasing, but because awareness has increased, and we are hearing from those who have been most impacted about what the solutions are,” said Jill Seyfred, Executive Director of PCA Kentucky, according to a Passport-sponsored article on Insider Louisville. “Every time you see a blue and silver pinwheel this month, think about a child who will benefit from your awareness of child abuse and neglect. Take time out. Report. Get involved. It works.”

This Sunday, April 24, the PCA Kentucky is encouraging everyone to wear blue to church to bring attention to the issue.

There’s an anonymous toll-free hotline — 1-800-CHILDREN (244-5373) – for people to call for information or resources, or if you are aware of a child abuse situation. For more information, go online to