Success Story: Passport Community Health Worker Helps Homeless Members Make Healthy Decisions with Stimulus Checks

Passport Community Health Worker Rhonda works with our members in the Complex Care Program, with a particular focus on members who are experiencing homelessness.

In her recent work with members during the COVID-19 pandemic, she recognized that many of them would be receiving a stimulus check. That large sum of money can be an answer for a variety of needs, but it can also complicate things or be a trigger for some who don’t make the best decisions when dealing with money.

Rhonda made it a point to work with many of her members to plan and budget for how they would use their stimulus check money to best benefit them. She wanted to make sure that members benefitted in a positive way from the​​ stimulus check, instead of it being a trigger for poor choices or behavior.

“Money is a big trigger for relapse and addiction,” says Rhonda. “I used a Stimulus Relapse Prevention Plan for my women in Celebrate Recovery and applied the same concept with other members I spoke to about responsible spending.”

As a result of these efforts, for example, one member used her stimulus to pay off copays and purchase new tires to ensure she can continue driving to her appointments and get needed items.


Tips to help people with diabetes avoid dangerous dehydration

The summer heat can be tricky for people with diabetes. If someone you know has diabetes, they’ll want to be aware of when it’s time to call your doctor. Dehydration is when the body loses too much fluid (water) and cannot carry out its normal function. Signs of dehydration can look just like signs of low or high blood sugar.

People with diabetes should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! Passport members with diabetes can call 1-877-903-0082 to get help and learn how to manage their diabetes.


Families with Kentucky Medicaid Children to Receive Emergency Food Benefits

By May 28, Kentucky families with children who receive Medicaid, KTAP, Kinship Care or Medicaid will automatically receive Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) funding on their EBT cards.

Other families with children on free or reduced-meal plans at school may also apply online for these benefits at

Please help us spread the word to any families who might benefit from this program.


Success Story: Medically Fragile Passport Child Adopted During COVID-19

We are so excited for the Fields family from London, KY, who completed the adoption process of three children during COVID-19! Their son Dusty is a Passport member and works with our Foster Care Specialist Tara.

Tara said, “This outcome is the best-case scenario that we all hope for these medically complex foster kids. It was such a privilege to be able to work with this amazing child and family and be a part of it!”

Congratulations to this amazing family!  Click here for the story


Passport Offers Care Management for Members

If you know a Passport member who has special health care needs or is disabled, Passport’s Care Management program may be able to help.

Our care managers are health care professionals such as registered nurses, social workers, registered dietitians or respiratory therapists. They can help members understand major health problems and set up care with providers. A care manager will work with members and their provider to help get the care they need.

Please tell any members you know who might benefit to call our Care Connectors team at 1-877-903-0082.


Agencies urged to apply for Louisville Metro Council COVID-19 Relief Fund

Louisville Metro Government has begun accepting applications for the Louisville Metro Council COVID-19 Relief Fund (CRF) – established to supplement relief organizations experiencing an incremental surge in demand for services from persons impacted by the COVID-19 health pandemic.

Applications can be submitted to

For more information, visit