Governance and Leadership

Our governance structure supports our commitment as a community-based organization. Passport Health Plan is focused on provider collaboration and the active solicitation of provider input on policies and procedures on how we provide Medicaid Services to ultimately help providers improve the quality of care they provide. Passport is currently governed by a local Board of Directors and guided by a local provider coalition called The Partnership Council.


Passport Board of Directors

The Passport Board of Directors is the governing body for Passport. Our Board of Directors includes membership from a variety of organizations and community leaders in both rural and urban areas. The Board is responsible for pursuing Passport’s goals and is accountable to the community for all the actions of and accountable to various regulatory agencies, such as DMS, Department of Insurance (DOI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Attorney General (AG), and Auditor of Public Accounts.

Click here for a list of all current Passport Board members.


Passport Partnership Council

The Partnership Council, Inc. is a Kentucky nonprofit corporation comprised of 31 members representing a broad coalition of local consumers and providers, including physicians, nurses, hospitals, health departments and ancillary providers.  The Partnership Council meets bi-monthly and has ongoing responsibility for recommending policy decisions, reviewing and evaluating the results of quality activities, instituting actions and overseeing follow-up as appropriate.

Click here for a list of all current Passport Partnership Council members.


Senior Leadership

At Passport, we are proud to be led by an accomplished President and Chief Executive Officer, Scott A. Bowers.  Click here to read Scott’s full bio.

Other Senior Leaders include:

  • Jill Joseph Bell, Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • David Henley, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
  • Shawn Beth Elman, Chief Operating Officer
  • Stephen J. Houghland, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
  • Scott Worthington, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Courtney Henchon, RN, Vice President of Clinical Operations
  • Dr. Liz McKune, Vice President of Health Integration