Study takes closer look at teens’ mental health, and what parents can do to help

Insider Louisville LogoA recent survey published by Kosair Children’s Hospital showed that 1 in 4 parents is concerned about their children’s mental health. In part, that’s because today’s youth are dealing not just with traditional conflicts such as peer pressure, hormones and puberty, but also with the pressures that come from social media and the availability of information on the internet.

Dr. Kenneth Pearson, a pediatrician with Norton HealthCare, said in a Passport-sponsored article on Insider Louisville that he often sees children who are bored with life and hopeless. He adds that bullying that takes place online is a difficult thing for a young person to deal with.

“If those kids have a parent without coping skills, then the teen has no one to learn from,” said Dr. Pearson. “And social media plays a role. Social media is making kids less able to interact face-to-face and express their feelings, and pick up body language. Posting vs. in-person interaction is a less effective communication.”

The survey also revealed that 48.9 percent of middle school students reported being bullied at school. And among high school students, 1 in 4 reported feeling sad or hopeless.


Passport works with Kosair Children’s Hospital to get Jefferson County elementary schools moving with GoNoodle

Go NoodlePassport Health Plan is joining Kosair Children’s Hospital to make GoNoodle available to all Jefferson County public and private elementary schools. Through this sponsorship, more than 67,000 students in 178 schools now have access to a premium version of GoNoodle for three years (through the 2017-18 school year).

GoNoodle gets kids moving with short bursts of physical activity delivered through online movement videos and games. It is an interactive resource used in classrooms to increase students’ physical activity and improve academic performance. Through online physical activity breaks, GoNoodle makes it easy for teachers and parents to get kids moving, which helps improve their behavior, focus, and engagement.

Funding from Passport Health Plan and Kosair Children’s Hospital – through the Children’s Hospital Foundation – has made it available for use in public and private elementary schools, as well as in students’ homes.

The news media is invited to an official announcement and demonstration of GoNoodle as it is already being used in the schools on Monday, November 23, at 10:30 a.m. at Whitney Young Elementary School in Louisville. Representatives of Passport Health Plan, Kosair Children’s Hospital, GoNoodle, and more will be in attendance, and will be available to speak after the demonstration, along with a teacher and students.

Passport also recently announced a similar partnership with Hardin Memorial Health to bring the GoNoodle program to all of the elementary schools in Hardin County. This makes five partnerships for Passport Health Plan around Kentucky that covers 22 counties, more than 300 elementary schools, nearly 6,500 teachers, and almost 120,000 students. Since the start of the school year, these students have logged nearly 8 million minutes of physical activity with GoNoodle!