Even when healthcare teams and organizations are filled with exceptionally competent, dedicated, and well-intentioned professionals, circumstances make it very difficult to develop and sustain optimal dynamics where people are at their best, fully engaged, and feeling truly valued and fulfilled in their work. The workload, pressures, change, and uncertainty of today’s healthcare world, combined with the lack of time to communicate effectively, can lead to stress, misunderstandings, burnout, unhealthy communication patterns, lack of direction, low morale, etc.

To support healthcare teams in developing dynamics that enable them to be their best and experience more of what is important to them, Compassionate Louisville’s Healthcare Constellation and Point C Business Consultancy are partnering on an initiative called “Foundations for Flourishing.” Led by Katie Gaughan, president of Point C, this team and culture initiative combines experiential learning and transformative dialogue in phased sessions over several months. The safe and dynamic process supports teams in better understanding themselves, what is most important to them, what is holding them back, and how they can make transformative shifts together to flourish – individually and collectively.

For Gaughan, Foundations for Flourishing is natural evolution of her compassion work. She comments, “After four years volunteering in a variety of capacities for Compassionate Louisville, I am excited to have found a unique way to leverage my passion and expertise to cultivate compassion in support of the wellbeing of healthcare professionals, teams, and organizations. It is amazing to witness people realizing their potential to truly flourish.”

Research shows that cultivating a happy, healthy culture has benefits beyond the wellbeing and success of healthcare professionals. It improves patient experience and medical outcomes, as well as boosts organizational effectiveness, profitability, agility, and community impact.

Although Foundations for Flourishing is officially in its “pilot” stage, the initiative’s unique, systems-oriented team coaching approach has a proven record of success at Norton Healthcare. Al Cornish, Norton Healthcare’s Chief Learning Officer, has embraced and championed this approach to support the organization’s people and culture.

Al Cornish of Norton Healthcare speaks to attendees of a Compassionate Louisville Healthcare Constellation executive luncheon

“Katie has supported several Norton Healthcare teams through initiatives that follow the Foundations for Flourishing model,” says Cornish. He added, “These teams consistently report improved team dynamics, cohesiveness, engagement, and fulfillment. This has led to measurable outcomes in terms of team effectiveness, ability to manage change, reduced costs, and even new streams of revenue. I am thrilled to support Point C and Compassionate Louisville in bringing this innovative approach to healthcare organizations across our region.”

The University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics has just begun a Foundations for Flourishing pilot program that will include several teams within the organization. Dr. Charles Woods, Interim Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, commented, “It is imperative that we give our people tools and support to enable them to thrive in the midst of tremendous pressure and change. Foundations for Flourishing will be an integral part of setting the ground conditions for our teams to succeed, benefitting our employees and all those we serve.”

A portion of the proceeds from the Foundations for Flourishing pilot and subsequent team initiatives will go to support other important projects sponsored by Compassionate Louisville’s Healthcare Constellation.

For more information on the initiative and how your organization can get involved, contact Katie Gaughan at Katie@ReachPointC.com or (502) 905-3813.

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