Log onto NaviNet now to access the Provider Portal.

NaviNet offers on-line prior authorization and admissions-related functionality.  Your practice can access NaviNet through a single log on. The web-based functionality will enable you to:

  • Submit referrals
  • View authorization history
  • Request inpatient, outpatient, home care and DME Services
  • Submit extension of service requests
  • Verify elective admission authorization, and
  • Receive admission notifications

NaviNet is accessible only through Passport’s NaviNet Plan Central Page; therefore, to utilize NaviNet’s on-line PA and admission-related functions, you must be a registered NaviNet User.  If you haven’t already done so, log on to www.navinet.net to register, or call 1-888-482-8057 to speak to NaviNet Customer Service.

NaviNet User Guide

NaviNet Training Powerpoint