Important Update – Kentucky HEALTH Implementation Put on Hold

KY Health NoticeBased on a recent legal decision, changes to Medicaid under Kentucky HEALTH did not begin on July 1, 2018, as planned.

According to the official Kentucky HEALTH website, members’ medical benefits will continue as they were prior to July 1, 2018, with no change. However, if a Kentucky Medicaid member received a notice saying they could access vision and dental services through a My Rewards Account, that member will not have access to dental and vision benefits. The legal decision has stopped the ability to use the My Rewards dollars in order to purchase dental and vision services.

Members are not required to do anything at this time and can continue to access medically necessary and preventive healthcare services.

The Kentucky HEALTH program offers support and resources for those interested in improving their income and health. This ruling does not threaten the opportunities Kentucky HEALTH has already created. Members can log on to to take free online courses about health skills, life skills, and work skills. They can also visit to find a nearby career center, where a coach can help find training, education, and job opportunities.

For more information, including updated FAQs, please go online to or