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Get the extra benefits you need. Join Passport — the health plan that takes the time to care about YOU!

Medicaid’s annual open enrollment is November 1st to 30th,
and now is the time to switch to Passport Health Plan!
Switching plans is free and easy. Just call us at 1-800-578-0603.
As always, your call will be answered quickly by our caring,
Kentucky-based member services team!

With Passport Health Plan, you could get so much more than basic health care coverage. You could qualify for benefits and services including:

  • FREE eyeglasses for children up to 21 years old
  • FREE gift cards when you take simple steps toward better health
  • FREE over-the-counter medications when prescribed by your doctor
  • FREE flu shots and immunizations
  • FREE SafeLink smartphone with 1GB of data, 350 minutes and unlimited texts

For questions or to see if you qualify, call us at 1-800-578-0603.