Support from Care Coordination Empowers Homeless Mom of Three to Get Back on Track

Passport member Megan* is a young mother of three children, one of whom has a seizure disorder and behavioral issues. Megan acknowledges having made some poor choices, and the family was recently evicted and their car was repossessed. The children have been staying with a relative, but there is not room for Megan, so for a couple of months she has been homeless.

Thanks to the help of our Care Coordination Specialist, Megan recently agreed to a referral to the local community mental health center and attended her first appointments. She made a great connection with her therapist and was very excited to use their services. Megan has been working out and reports feeling better about herself and her body. Though her struggle is far from over, and she has had some setbacks, she is moving in the right direction!

Today Megan is feeling better about herself, is taking steps to improve her physical and behavioral health, and is connected with ongoing supportive services. She is determined to continue moving forward to achieve a more stable situation for herself and her children and hopes to someday be able to share her story with others who are struggling.

*Member name changed for privacy.


Passport Facilitates Women’s Empowerment Series for Mothers in Addiction Recovery

For many of the mothers residing at the Volunteers of America’s (VOA) Freedom House in Jefferson County, hope can seem far away during the struggle to overcome alcohol and/or drug dependency.  The Freedom House offers a path to treat chemical dependency, break the cycle of addiction, reunite families, and promote the birth of health, drug-free babies.

Since January 2019, Passport has proudly facilitated a monthly women’s empowerment series that supports the Freedom House in bringing hope, improved self-esteem, and resilience to these mothers.

Passport’s Health Education Manager Lisa Bellafato oversees this program along with Nicole Yates from Congressman Yarmouth’s office and Gloria Mucker from Veterans Affairs.  As part of the program, the group meets with and gets to know 20-25 pregnant or postpartum women living with their children in their residence at Freedom House.

“In reflecting back on this experience,” says Lisa, “I am struck by how appreciative the women are of the time we spend with them and the small items or meals we bring for them. There is such a sense of hope for new ways of living, and the women seemed to know that the skills they are learning at Freedom House will help them find success.”

Since it was launched, the Women’s Empowerment Series has provided family portraits, worked on building resiliency tool kits, began using journals and affirmations for themselves and their children, and learned meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and breathing practices. For the remainder of the year, the group has many more fun things planned – from waterfront yoga to a service project to a holiday meal and more family photographs.


DMS Mailing 2020 Open Enrollment Materials to KY Medicaid Members

MailboxThe Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) will be mailing the following documents to all Kentucky Medicaid members between today (Sept 12) and Sept 30. Please share this information with any Kentucky Medicaid members and tell them to check their mail for this important information over the coming weeks. The 2020 Open Enrollment for Kentucky Medicaid is Nov 4 – Dec 13.

Translated documents:


Passport Develops Unique Solution for Foster Care Member with Hearing Impairment

A foster care member with hearing impairment and virtually no language development was being treated in an inpatient psychiatric setting. His speech therapist recommended a communication device and Passport’s Care Coordination Specialist Denise knew coverage would be denied due to an inpatient setting, so she worked extra hours to find a process which would pay the claim. As a result, the member was able to receive a 30 day trial with the device to determine whether it would produce a positive clinical outcome.

The facility explained they had been denied by other Medicaid MCO’s for members in similar circumstances, but were very impressed by Passport’s willingness to develop a solution for this member.

“This story is unique because the member’s communication needs were negatively affecting his placement options,” says Denise. “The facility reported new placement options will be available to him now, in part because we all worked together to find a solution to an unusual barrier to care.”​


Methadone Now Covered for Passport Members

Did you know?   Effective July 1, 2019, Methadone is now covered as a part of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Passport Health Plan members. Methadone can help members reduce or stop the use of heroin or other opiate​s.

If you know a member who could benefit from the use of methadone and/or MAT, our Member Services and Behavioral Health teams can help them locate a provider to begin treatment.  Read more.


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