Our Adaptable Model

Adapting to Meet Kentucky’s Needs

Since 1997, Passport has been dedicated to serving Kentuckians. What is it about Passport that has ingrained us so firmly in our community, garnering high member and provider satisfaction and retention, and the honor of being ranked #19 among Medicaid health insurance plans in NCQA’s Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2014-15? We believe it is our unique model – which is adaptive to meet changing needs, but firm in our foundation of connecting communities through our mission, vision, and values.

Mission Driven
We always place our members first – all our efforts go to improving their health and quality of life. We offer the Passport Promise, which means we take the time to care. We are responsible corporate citizens.

We are free from investor demands. We are responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. We offer low administrative costs, which means more money goes to direct patient care.

Provider Sponsored
We have committees of local health care providers directly involved in advising Passport as we make important decisions affecting quality of care. We incent providers and sponsor local programs for providing quality care.

Community Based
We were built by Kentuckians, for Kentuckians. We collaborate with local community advocates and participate in community activities. We make decisions with the input of those who know the population.

The Proven Results

  • Healthier communities
  • Savings for the Commonwealth
  • Better health outcomes and quality of life
  • High provider and member satisfaction and retention
  • Innovative processes that improve member access to care and important community services
  • Informed decisions that are specific for Kentucky
  • Empowered, informed members
  • Engaged providers